When deciding to sell your property you have a number of choices and decisions to make one of which is how much will it cost to sell Check out our fees and charges listed below to see why flatbid is breaking the mould.


Belmazad.com has come with a platform that is all geared up to revolutionize the entire way property is bought and sold. With each of our services, we strive to ensure the best possibility of ease to our customers.  

Live Bid

Liked a property? Get yourself registered with us and pay a nominal registration fees. Place your bid in the given time frame. In case you got lucky then you can be the owner of the property.

Fee Method

No extra cost apart from nominal registration fees based on actual property price will be charged from bidders.


Bid Room

Belmazad.com has come up with fusion of tradition and modernity with its feature called Bid room.

Just get yourself registered, select the interesting property and place your bid on it. All the selected bidders will then be called for inspection of the property and finally a ballroom auction will be held. The highest bidder will be announced the owner of the property

Fee Method

There is a need by every bidder to deposit an earnest amount in proportion of the actual price of the property. Only successful buyer’s deposited earnest amount will be adjusted in the property’s decided price, whereas the deducted amount of other bidders will be refunded.

Make an Offer

Now you can easily make an offer on all the properties you are interested in. One of the amazing characteristics of this feature is that you can make your offer at any time, 24/7

After that, seller will make a call to you and discuss the further process. Complete all the process as explained by him and finally make that property your own.

Fee Method

No registration/reservation fee is applied to "Make an Offer", simply register and make the best offer for the property 


For further information or to speak to someone:

Call 0124-4382002 or email:  info@Belmazad.com